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Proudly Celebrating 16 Years In Business !

Cottage Country Log Cabin Trading Company Ltd is the largest gift/curio shop in the Haliburton Highlands! This beautiful, locally built log and timber-framed landmark building is a must-see road trip destination! With all its wilderness charm and decor it is a treat to explore. There are 7 spacious rooms, each containing many unique gift ideas and cottage comforts. Located in the hamlet of West Guilford, we are just a short drive from the village of Haliburton, which is also on the way to the Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve.

Cottage Country Log Cabin beckons you with a spectacular display of its outdoor Generations recycled plastic furniture line. Go Green with this 100% Canadian-made recycled plastic furniture as featured on Dragons Den and is available in 15 brilliant colours. It is the perfect no maintenance chair for the cottage or home. Heavier than a wood chair its 60 pounds will not blow away and never needs painting or winter storage. It takes over 700 two litre pop bottles to make one of these Adirondack chairs and uses 9 times less energy to produce just one pound of recycled plastic compared to new plastic.

fudge Also available in the plastic Generations Line are Upright Adirondack chairs easier to get in and out of, picnic tables, chaise lounges, pub sets, rockers, tables and footstools - all available in a shoreline of colours. Furniture that will last generations!

Once inside, be prepared for a rush of sense-stimulating experiences. There is so much to see you may need a second visit to the store to take it all in! We have well over 40 flavours of the best fudge you will ever taste. Try some Moosetracks, and Chunky Chipmunk. New flavours this season are cotton candy & red velvet. Don't forget, we also have diabetic fudge! We even have a section devoted to Old-fashioned candy, which will please kids of all ages! Also try our salt water taffy - with over 20 flavours!

We've got a great selection of clothing designed for cottage comfort! From sweatshirts and sleep shirts down to your boxers and moccasins we have you covered! Why not spend some time in our gourmet food section with Maple syrup products, butters, jams, mustard's, preserves, marinades, coffee and teas or try some of our BBQ sauces and the hottest of all hot sauces, let us help you entertain! Check out the privy boutique and the bathroom decor! Lighten up in our table and floor lamp room! Our plush animal room is a favourite with fans of stuffed animals.

Be sure to check out our PERSONALIZED lake items with over 40 local lake names to choose from in stock , T-shirts, sweat shirts, hats, pillows, glasswear, aprons, wooden signs, towels, magnets and Christmas ornaments. If we don't have it, just ask.

If you are a fan of candles you'll love our candle room which includes beeswax candles, Woodwick Candles and Crossroads Candles with the most amazing flavours in candles and reed diffusers! Come in and see our huge stuffed bear named Bert and his two cubs Billy and Willy and Guilly the largest chipmunk in Haliburton County! Wesley the Moose is on the loose again this year! Come see our new addition Gus the Beaver. Once again Cottage Country Log Cabin will be having its annual colouring contest! Something that has become a tradition every year and for all ages.


We have a huge response every year and have a lot of fun seeing all the talented artist from around the world. So come on in and get your entry the winner will be picked on Labour Day weekend and will receive a great surprise! Don't forget your camera so you can take a picture of your family with the bear cubs and chipmunk.

There are also great photo opportunities outside, take pictures of your family in the larger-than-life red Adirondack chair or the wilderness themed gardens on the grounds! Featured in the Toronto Star as a fun place to shop, Cottage Country Log Cabin is in its 16th year of operation. Owned and managed by Patricia Bertram with the help of her great staff, we all would be delighted to show you around and answer any questions you may have!

Located at 1141 Kennisis Lake Rd, Country Rd 7 just off 118, in West Guilford!